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Apr 11, 2016 09:53:10 AM
HRAPP is a Cloud based HRMS and Payroll automation software that was designed to scale back the workload of HR or for an individual with a normal computer expertise to participate in complex payroll and HR operations by Caprice Technologies Pvt Ltd .HRAPP V1.5 comes with a brand new UI that is incredibly responsive and can also be accessed with the aid of any devices without the need of a platform targeted applications. It has a built-in audio,video and text chat facility that permit the customers to have workforce collaboration for business enterprise extensive. If you have an organisation email account you can configure it in HRAPP and all the users within the organisation can use their email full-fledged within the HRAPP . HRAPP V1.5 comes with an extensive calendar support that allows the users to manage meetings , appointments , reminders etc .. With HRAPP, you can certainly not miss any anniversary in your organisation or any renewals . In case you have workers who are managing their income account in quite a lot of banks , HRAPP makes the cash payment very handy with the EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) feature that permits you to straight deposit salary in each account from HRAPP. Even when you are no longer on the application however logged in you are going to get a desktop notification so you do not ought to miss any important messages that you would be able to reply to it instantaneous . Apart from these additional features HRAPP team made improvement to the HR modules Organization Work Schedule Holiday Special Wages Organization Profile Organization Policies Department Multi Project Management System Log Recruitment Job Posting Profile Management Candidate Shortlisting Employee Management Employee profile manager Employee data import Timesheets (Budget & Effort Variance) Attendance and Biometric Integration Assignments Leaves Transfer Resignation Employee Travel Management Awards Complaints Memos Performance Evaluation Skills Assessment Payroll Management(Both Regular and Contract employees) Salary Payslip Manager Allowance Bonus Tax Management Provident Fund Insurance (ESI, Endowment Policies, Term Policies) Deductions Commission Distribution Advance Salary Reimbursement Loan Shift Tax Declaration Full and Final Settlement Reporting Reports for all modules and data that are present in the human resource management system Even with all these features HRAPP comes with a very low price Basic - ₹20 Per Employee / Month Standard - ₹30 Per Employee / Month Pro - ₹50 Per Employee / Month Custom - If you wish to have custom features of HRAPP you can contact us here. Visit hrapp.in to know more about HRAPP. If you're already utilising a software / biometric devices on your enterprise HRAPP team can configure it so that you can use it with HRAPP. With HRAPP, the aid is just a call away and the HRAPP group will guide you in any aid you required.
8 Pre Users
I would use this
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Ricardo Santos
Feb 17, 2017 10:23:01 AM
I worked 4 years on an HR Company as a Software Developer, and this is the kind of product that i start building as a personal project, but never had time to finish. Also, my wife is a HR Manager and she's always saying that the most common HR Software is hard to use, very inflexible and ugly as hell. So, yes, this is an awesome idea and we need a good Cloud based HR Management tool. On the "Performance Evaluation", try do add some Gamification stuff to engage the employees with the evaluation. For what i see in the market, a Mobile App is the best approach. Also, evaluation based on "immediate feedback" it's what the companies are adopting.